Embark on a journey of transformation.

Health talk on "Invincible Immunity and Everlasting Energy" at the Wanderlust Speakeasy, Squaw Valley, California.

Sky Kubby is a Visionary Entrepreneur, Speaker and Author. He serves his community as the founder of his Medicinal Foods brand, workshops, guiding Cacao Ceremonies, Radio Shows, Podcasts and his transformation health and wellness protocols. 

Sky transforms lives, brings harmony to relationships and helps you create the reality of your dreams.

Having healed himself of chronic illness, Sky founded Medicinal Foods and now shares the secrets he learned on his quest for health.

The information in Sky's talk at the Wanderlust Yoga Festival was life-changing  for me! Simply fascinating and extremely helpful!
Rachel  Health Coach

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Sky Kubby turned to healing plants and meditation to heal his own chronic illness. Born into a New Age summer camp his parents ran, called Earth Camp One, Sky learned early on the importance of living life connected to the earth. 

Sky has relied on indigenous wisdom and personal experience over the last 20 years to formulate “Medicinal Foods”, his line of cutting-edge health and wellness products. With the intention of feeding people’s potential, 'The Ancient Future of Food’.

Having trained and competed with some of the worlds top athletes on the US Ski Team and ski raced for CU Boulder in college while creating his self structured major, Global Environmental Education. In Colorado he studied with Dr. John Douillard on Ayurvedic health and continues to research and learn from and with colleagues such as David Wolf and Ken Rohla.

Listen to his podcast interviews with both of these health and wellness aficionados here: http://medicinal-foods.com/category/medicinal-foods-radio/

Living on the the Big Island of Hawaii, Sky embraces radiant health with his wife and daughter on their off-grid solar-powered tropical fruit tree sanctuary.

Sky, AKA "SkyRoots" literally brought heaven to earth while homesteading a solar-powered tropical fruit tree farm on the Big Island of Hawaii called Hua Lani "Fruitful Heaven" Sanctuary .

Sky and Omra

There, his family flourished and he founded Medicinal Foods, a thriving, cutting-edge Health and Wellness company. 

Now he shares what he learned along his quest for health as CEO and founder of Medicinal Foods.​ Sky believes cleansing needs to be fun if it’s to be embraced by the average person desiring a healthier life. Using his nutrient-dense superfood raw chocolate to 'open the door to the heart', Sky helps people transition into cleanses where they can then decide to go deeper.

Together, with his partner, Omra, they offer Cacao Ceremonies, working with the plant "Spirit of Cacao" to hold a space for inner journeying, creating forgiveness and facilitating healing. Sky speaks at events such as the Wanderlust Yoga Festival, Conscious Life Expo and Bhaktifest on his "Awakening Protocols" offered on this page.