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Cacao Elixir: Mood Enhancing Chocolate Superfood Mix

ANCIENT CACAO SHAMANS traveled between villages combining local plant medicines and herbs into their traditional ceremonial brews. Mucuna, with the highest plant levels of L-DOPA, precursor to Dopamine,  was used as an anti-stimulant, along with superfoods like Lucuma and Maca to compliment the Cacao. The result is a mood-enhancing experience like no other.   Mucuna Puriens (Velvet Monkey Bean) Used in […]

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Are Multivitamins Bad For You?

  You may have been hearing a bit of controversy in the main stream media lately about the efficacy of multivitamins and even raising the question: “Are multivitamins bad for you? This is concerning, as the majority of Americans incorporate multivitamin pills into their daily nutritional regimen. Let’s address the idea of fat soluble vitamins […]

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Why Take MegaHydrate? It’s The Worlds Most Powerful Antioxidant.

Don’t Over-Medicate, Hydrate! Hydrogen is the fuel for life. It is essential for our energy hydration and longevity. Dramatic breakthroughs in overcoming disease are being published in some of the world’s most prestigious Scientific journals as a result of the Hydration movement. At the same time, thousands of Scientists and Medical Doctors around the world […]

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Ecuador Cacao Quest

Chocolate is everywhere here!  We arrive in Quito, Ecuador at midnight to find Chocolate waiting for us in our room.  Much of the Ecuadorian chocolate, European and, of course, Medicinal-Foods Superfood Chocolate is made from “Cacao Arriba”, known for its fine flavor  and aroma, or “fino de aroma”. I brought along a few of our […]

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