Reishi Maca-chino

Reishi Maca-chino

For coffee lovers. Inspired John Biloon, From South Kona, Hawaii. We used to wake up and make the original Mac-a-chino with his home grown Kona Coffee, Macnuts and Hawaiian Honey, blended.

This tasty Elixir has the power to substitute for coffee, without sacrificing flavor or sensation- and without side effects. Reishi, Maca and Dandy Blend work as potent substitutes. Or just use coffee as the base if you’re really feeling it. Add Macnuts for a Creamy Mac-a-chino. Make 2 portions.

• 4 Cups Tea Base

• 2 Tbs Maca

• 2 rounded teaspoons Dandy Blend

• 1 tsp. Medicinal-Foods Reishi Powder


• 2 handfuls Medicinal-Foods Gourmet Raw Macadamia Nuts

• 1 cup freshly brewed Coffee


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