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Health Benefits of Raw Chocolate

Welcome to your Raw Chocolate Lifestyle! So why “Raw” Chocolate, anyway? Well, after reading THIS,  you’ll be pretty much blown away knowing, “Why Raw?” I hope you are enjoying reading The Raw Chocolate Diet and having as much fun as I am living The Raw Chocolate Lifestyle! Chapter 2:  The Good, The Bad and the Yummy Click […]

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Meet the Cacao Spirit, The Raw Chocolate Diet, Chapter 1

Welcome the the Raw Chocolate Lifestyle,  and the Medicinal Foods Tribe.  Congratulations! You are taking a big step towards a healthier and more decadent lifestyle! As we embark on a journey of Healthy Living,  prepare to experience Close Encounters of the Chocolatey Kind!  Get ready to meet the Spirit of Cacao…   Are you ready to eat more chocolate and be healthier than you ever imagined?   […]

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